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From Flat to Full in 30 Days (Without Weights)

HOW TO GET STRONGER These yoga poses will help you get in shape and get stronger.

Diary of a Fit Mommy: All About Yoga

No equipment needed for this full-body workout, so you can do it anywhere!

Summer Prep: Do-Anywhere Bikini Circuit

Melt fat and build muscle with our dumbbell blast circuit workout! You can easily make these more challenging and effective with heavier weights.

Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout. This is a great site full of home and crossfit workouts with demonstrations! LOVE THIS! ajs 1)plank row burpee 2)wood choppers 3)thrusters 4)crazy russian twist 5)sumo squat row

Full body workout with dumb bells

Wide squats target your butt and inner thighs. Hold your hands together in front of your chest. Step your feet apart so there's about 20 inches between your heels. Point your toes out slightly. Bend your knees and elbows. Keep your shoulders over your hips and lower down so your weight is back in your heels. Then straighten your legs and arms. This is one repetition. Complete two sets of 10 reps.

Upper Body Kettlebell Workout -- targets shoulders, upper back, chest and arms.

These exercises can definitely help to combat the cellulite.

7 Types of Squats You Should Be Doing | Women's Health Magazine - love goblet squats

blogger who is a mother of 4 decided to do to cross fit as her husband has done for years... within 5 months she was in the best shape of her life and these workouts were done within 15/20 minutes 4-5x/week! She altered the workouts to be done at home and for the females!!!

Total Body Toning With Kettlebells

Planks. I usually hold for 30-45 seconds then lift one leg up & down for another 30-45 seconds. This works out your core = abs, sides, trunk etc. Bosu ball is optional. - @Lara Elliott Mirasol- #webstagram

5 exercises that burn the MOST calories - you can do these!

6 Moves to Re-size Your Butt and Thighs (exactly what is done in Pure Barre)