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Color sample cut from silk and taped onto info card

Silk Painting Dyes: Making New Colors and Keeping Records

▶ Gomez Hat Company Puller Downer - YouTube

Flange Stand....

Flange Stand....

Application of latex rubber to pinch point of straw crown. This process strengthens the straw at its most vulnerable point.

About | InstaMorph - Moldable Plastic

Note how the flower is being assembled. AULA ENSINANDO FAZER FLOR DE TECIDO PARA ROUPA

UNIQUE Real Cockatoo Feather, Hand Marbled ,Colorfast Paint, with Purple, Scarlet and Turquoise. $7.00, via Etsy.

Бульки инструменты для изготовления цветов из ткани 3200 Rubles.

Alcohol Ink: Empty a package of Rit powered dye into a small baby food jar.Fill the rest of the baby food jar with ordinary rubbing alcohol, seal the jar and shake it up well. ~ OR ~ Start with liquid Rit fabric dye and isopropyl alcohol instead, mixing ½ cup of isopropyl alcohol to every two teaspoons of Rit dye. You may want to add more dye as necessary to create a deeper color, but keep in mind that a little definitely goes a long way. Once you have finished mixing either of the r...

ZALYN Peacock Feather pad design (4 PIECES)(Premium Quality) elegant applique for hats, headdresses, headbands and hair clips. $25.00, via Etsy.

(3) | Handmade Feather Bow Ties. I'm thinking this would be a really cool finish on a hat. And lord knows I have enough feathers.

Tooling (Shaping) Artificial Fabric Flower Petals Without the Use of Traditional Flower Making Tools