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Time for my weekly game of " let's see how long I can drive with my gas light on."

so freakin' funny. i love these guys. (jimmy fallon, steve carell and justin timberlake). I love the look on Justin's face when they talk about Lance lol

video of 'PEOPLE OF WALMART' pix set to LMFAO's Im Sexy and I Know it!

AIR CURLER- I laughed so have to watch the WHOLE thing! Hahahaha love Bunny!!!


From a University of Michigan student offering a "Walk of Shame" Shuttle... this girl is so funny!

Next time I go into the nail salon I am going to turn on google translate app and we will really figure out who is talking shit.

50 State Stereotypes (in 2 minutes). I died.

This thing is unreal. This is bizzar...


Lol love it


Disney Housewives. Sorry it swears but I couldn't stop laughing! For all of us girls who grew up with those princesses...

Funny cause it's true

To watch later. Friends Bloopers All Seasons (final part) its like 6 min but i lol so hard i cried

These are so true!

oh i got time for dat



pitch perfect inappropriate bloopers.

These parents are awesome...hysterical.

Love her!!