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LOVE, love, love this summer schedule for kids! Such a great idea to keep moms sane during the summer!

Sidewalk paint-1 part cornstarch (1 c.) 1 part water (1 c.) food coloring (we used neon colors) sponge brushes

Learning letters/ This could be good to play with on are long car rides!

This women is genius! A list of daily morning activities/tasks for the kids during summer break to keep their bodies and brains active and their house clean. kids get paid for doing the things on the list and at the end of the month those with enough money get to go somewhere fun with the money!

Clark Kent/ Superboy costume. This is super adorable on this little guy, but would actually be pretty easy to pull off for an adult too. Superman tshirt, white button down, slacks, tie, glasses. Cape optional. For a couple, she could go as Lois Lane - suit or "biz casual" outfit, notepad, maybe a press pass.

This can be done with a fabric covered board instead of just cardboard, so it looks really nice! Diapers to Diplomas: A mom blog full of simple, fun learning activities for toddlers.

"100 Things to Teach a Girl" This made my eyes water. I can't wait to teach my daughter all of these :)