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One Direction Infection. <3

One Direction. These are my boys. I'm in love with them! If you don't feel the same, and you think the opposite, please click the Unfollow button below please.

Niall horan. One direction. Funny. Truth. Accurate.

Haha BTR loves Niall and so do I! But I think that they are all superb!!! The only reason why Niall is "my favorite" is because he is my soul mate :) :)

BAHAHA I soo noticed that! He like grabbed it and through it over his shoulder!! BAHAHA yet i was still overwhelmed.

3 years. what just happened. even same order. i just died.

All the boy's with their girlfriends... And then these two cheese balls flyin' solo. :) ♥ Love them!

oh my heck... I literally just died... wow. that man ♥ ♥ ♥