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Columbine - 2000 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Rocky Mountain News Staff, Rocky Mountain News

Maid of honor photos: last single friend photos before you're married.

Helena | Class of 2013 | Nebraska Senior Portrait Photography

Good reminders!!

Must-Take Photo Ideas for Your Own Kids

Camera Straps handmade with love

Repinned: Our favorite tips for great family portraits

Show the love! I typically find the favorite family posed portraits amongst my clients are the ones involving closeness…hugging, arms wrapped around each other, laying on shoulders, etc. Formal posing is not required…just get them close and require that everyone is touching someone else in some way (link arms, arms around waist, head laying on shoulder, etc).

Casual family photos like this will be long remembered vs a formal one where the kids are told to stand in a row and behave. Hoping to create images like this in the future. Love the old family truck as well!

Photography idea - children's photography

1. short hard lighting from natural light and fill 2. shallow depth of field 3. location is not really doing much for the story of the picture 3. desaturated look trendy but works with this shot 4. funny and shows the child's personality 5. down at the child's eye level

Children Photography. Neat idea - take a picture of them standing on a mirrored surface!

Super cute outfit for picures, may have to find one similar for Ryan. Vintage Portraits ‹ Children Photography. Older for Jacob, but similar style

Children - MiKayla Bourque Photography Your kids and nieces n nephew would look cute like this

Where the wild things are inspired. Fancy. Girl