beautiful forest reflection

Mushroom Ornaments crafted by Vintage by Crystal.

crocheted mushrooms, beautiful. If any of my crafty mates would like to crochet some mushrooms for me I would be happy :)

Scarlet elf cup, Ell Woods, February 2012

Scarlet elf cups, Ell Woods, February 2012

Scarlet elf cup, Ell Wood, 18 February 2012

Scarlet elf cup, Ell Woods, 18 February 2013

Baby fly agaric, Talybont-on-Usk, September 2010

Not the most intact fly agaric specimen ever, but what a beauty! You can see from the tape measure that the cap was about 10" in diameter, the largest one I've ever seen. The cap was so heavy, it caused the whole thing to tip over.

Some nice bracket action. Kinver.

This is a photo of a random occurrence - my husband was chopping logs and he neatly sliced into this cramp ball. I thought it made a really interesting cross-section.

Taken in Ell Wood

Psilocybin semilanceata

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