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Some of the best words of the English language

Some of the best words of the English language…

Ha ;)

"Spank It" Fun-Derwear by Badcock Apparel (Black)

Bad bitch ;)

Are You A Good Bitch or a Bad Bitch Masterprint at

Phoenix tattoo

"For his recently published picture book Freckles (Splice Pictures Publishing), the Swiss photographer Reto Caduff has taken pictures of freckled women all over Europe. His pictures prove: freckles are beautiful. Don’t hide yourself in the shade! I think what I love about this the most is the vast diversity of people who are blessed with freckles."

From the original post: "This is a portait taken of my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day. When my grandma was younger, her mother was against the two being together so my grandma ran away to go get married to my grandfather. On her way to meet him, she got in a car accident and broke her pelvis. They decided to then get married in the hospital and this was the picture taken by the newspaper at their wedding." Most excellent. Why are grandparents always secretly the coolest?

love the black paisley around the bright color

- "What are you gonna look like when you’re 60 with all those tattoos?” - “Fucking bad ass”

Bucket list!

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