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Recycle those glass candle jars into cute storage containers!

Sending a photo don't want the postal journey to bend it? Sandwich the picture between the large panels of a flattened cereal box.

Here you go, Whit- How to tuck non-skinny jeans into boots. Finally getting them flat and not giving you fat ankles.

72 ways to cut your spending by $400 a month and save $4000 a year...Pin now, read later, cause this list is FULL of great ideas!! Teaching discounts are listed here also!!!

Freeze green grapes to keep white wine cold and to make a pretty presentation for guests

Such a cute idea for Thank You cards!

An app that photographs and archives your kids' art, and then you can print a coffee table book of the collection.

Fill your bathroom with an everlasting, fresh aroma! Simply place a few drops of essential oil (I use Lemongrass scent) onto the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll--your bathroom will smell amazing until the roll is complete and you begin again!

Chalkboard contact paper. No need to paint things now. Just slap some of this on there and it's a chalkboard. This is awesome!

Brilliant idea! Perfect for having next to sewing machine. Small and compact use of space, too Erika great idea

Rubber band two tissue boxes together. Use the empty one to hold used tissues. Perfect for sick days in bed!

Travel Snacks...didn't know these were clear under the wrapper

How to remove the wax from a candle jar. This is a bath and bodyworks candle jar. They are so pretty and can be used for all sorts of things.

oh my gosh. duh. why didn't I think of this? i can free up an entire drawer...

Mom's cell phone number bracelet, when traveling with little ones in airports, at amusement parks, school Field Trips. So smart!

good to know} When cooling cake layers, place bread slices on top to keep the cake layers soft and moist while the bread becomes hard as a rock -- What a fun fact!!! My mom told me it keeps it from cracking in the middle too!

Time-out bottles. Fill a bottle with 3/4 water, one bottle of glitter glue, & ultra fine glitter. Then send this bottle with your child to timeout and they can watch it settle to calm them. Once the glitter is settled their time is up! wow this is such a good idea! if they mess with the bottle their time out time is longer... interesting

Secret Drinks to Order at Starbucks for Kids

Tips & tricks to drinking more water!

On the go Crayon Box - soap box, post it, and crayons!

Make ice in the bottom of plastic bottles - looks like a flower. Float in a bowl of punch!

Blessing bags (keep in car to give to homeless). What a wonderful idea and a great way to show someone compassion!