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I'm thinking every girl needs one of these nooks....sound proof, hidden and with a lock on the inside...just so we can slip away every now and then I NEED THIS

IF I EVER DECIDE TO HAVE PET... Built-in dog house with doggie door to outside- would be awesome in a mud room.

Quick-to-knit chunky blanket - love! WOuld love to have one of these for the home someday.

I would love to have a baking drawer like this instead of baking containers on the counter! coolest thing EVER!!!!

Throw all the travel sized/hotel shampoos/conditioners/washes/ toothpastes in for the spare bathroom when you have guests. Great idea!

Such a neat site-- you can totally customize your dream house and see how much it would be to build. Gotta check this out when I have time

Hidden doors -- This company makes cabinets, bookshelves and anything you can think of that fits your existing doorjambs thus hiding the door (and also making use of the space). If you click through checkout the "gun cabinet" door. Lots of great ideas.

A Wall Sized Chalkboard Calendar - aka "the motherboard"

DIY Round Chairs = inner tubes wrapped in fabric. so fun for a kid's room or playroom, or classroom!!!! LOVE IT