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Now that I think about it, that episode WAS really stressful. I mean, the ENTIRE THING PUT YOU IN SUSPENSE!!

Careful spongebob!! -

OMG. I just laughed out loud so hard. This just made my freaking day. Way to be sexy, Patrick!

Surprise Patrick is everywhere (18 photos)

The best time to wear a striped sweater... Is all the time

That guy's ready!

I. Love. Spongebob. The Best Lines From #SpongeBobSquarepants.

This is the most accurate thing I've seen all day

Twitter / JensCookiecake: VERY TRUE

Crazy! Voice acting is so interesting.

Mysterious moving rocks explained…

Mysterious moving rocks explained…

Funny SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star

Funny SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star

Just girly things parody

Patrick knows what love is

Patrick knows what love is…

Patrick being patrick

Patrick being patrick -

Oh spongebob!!!

Cheer up, Squidward…

Funny Spongebob Jokes | spongebob squarepants #patrick star #mr.krabs #joke #funny

Funny SpongeBob SquarePants - Patrick Star