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Grandes estantes para pé direito duplo. Large double height shelving.

estante é direito duplo

Alto lá - Casa e Jardim | Arquitetura


Guarde seus livros com muito estilo! - i9 store


“In between” | Um Brinco

I love this bookshelf - or shall I say "library wall"

Oh man, built ins AND a window seat. Except mine would/will be full bookcases and the window seat will have a big cushion. And a huge knit afghan that in theory will be folded neatly but in practice will be rumpled up waiting for me to return with a book and a cup of tea. Sigh.

image%255B42%255D.png (image)

I want a bookcase so big that I have to use a ladder to get to the books.

Para pé direito duplo

1_pé direito duplo_estantes