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Endotoxin Detection Recombinant Factor C

Endotoxin Testing Solutions is a company dedicated to the development of innovative methods in the field of endotoxin (LPS) detection and removal. The Hyglos methods do not use Horseshoe crab-derived reagents, instead being based on synthetically produced Phage Recombinant Proteins and Recombinant Horseshoe Crab Factor C (rFC), completely free from animal-derived components.”

Low Endotoxin Recovery in Common Protein Formulations

Bacteriophages instead of Horshoe Crabs: The innovative technology behind EndoLISA® Endotoxin Detection Assay is based on LPS-specific binding proteins derived from naturally occurring bacteriophages. This picture shows T4 bacteriophages infecting a live E. coli bacteria cell (source: Dr.Wanner Munich/Hyglos GmbH)

Endozyme Endotoxin Detection Specifications and advantages: -Highly sensitive recombinant Factor C endotoxin detection assay, measurement range 0.005-50 EU/ml -No false-positive glucan reaction due to endotoxin-specific recombinant technology -Excellent reliability and lot-to-lot consistency -All needed reagents included in the kit -No animal material, therefore saving the diminishing horseshoe crab population -For laboratory and research use only

EndoLISA recombinant Factor C endotoxin detection kit -Overcomes limitations of existing methods, such as the need for substantial dilution -Reduced matrix effects due to integrated wash step -No interference in high salt conditions e.g. NaCl, GdnHCl -Robust assay with excellent reproducibility -Measurement range: 0.05 – 500 EU/ml -pH range: 4 – 9 -Flexible testing format: microtiter plate -Saves the diminishing horseshoe crab population -For laboratory and research use only

Front Page of Endotoxin Testing Solutions, provider of endotoxin detection and removal reagents

Is it alive...or not? Electron micrograph image of a bacteriophage, one of my favorite organisms (macromolecules?)