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Energy Tomorrow

Energy Tomorrow

The People of America's Oil and Natural Gas Industry - Supplying Today and Tomorrow's Energy

Four Pentagon buildings could have been built in the time the White House has delayed the Keystone XL pipeline decision. It's #timetobuild.

The Transcontinental Railroad was built in the amount of time it's taken to study, approve Keystone XL.

The new Yankee Stadium was built in less time than it's taken to approve the Keystone XL pipeline project. It's #timetobuild.

After six years of study, it's time to build Keystone XL. #timetobuild

It took the Greatest Generation 1,366 days to win World War II. More than 2,150 days later, and Americans continue to wait on Keystone XL's approval. #timetobuild

Poll: Large majorities of Minnesota voters support increased investments in U.S. energy infrastructure.

POLL: Minnesota voters agree - It's time to invest in America's energy infrastructure.

Missouri voters agree - more investment in America's energy infrastructure means more benefits for Americans.

Pennsylvanians have seen first hand the benefits of more American energy.

POLL: New Yorkers agree - It's time to invest in America's energy infrastructure.

New Jersey voters agree: America needs increased investments in U.S. energy infrastructure.

Pennsylvanians agree - It's time to invest in America's energy infrastructure.

Strong bipartisan majorities of registered Florida voters support increased development of U.S. energy infrastructure.

American energy exports offer a wealth of opportunity.

America "should rescind the ban on crude-oil exports."

Better offshore access is a must to achieve energy security in America. #ChooseEnergy.

Oil and natural gas is America’s energy today and tomorrow. #ChooseEnergy this November.

Problems with a planned economy – E15 Edition.

New poll shows strong, broad support for offshore drilling. 68 percent support offshore drilling for oil and natural gas.

Americans agree - more energy production would strengthen our national security.

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly support more oil and natural gas development.

Sure, it’s a cartoon. But it helps illustrate a real dilemma with E85 – its significant fuel economy disadvantage compared to the E10 fuel that’s the staple of the U.S. fuel supply.

Our pipeline network remains a vital link to America’s energy system, connecting our abundant domestic oil and energy gas resources in some of the most remote locations to consumers here in the U.S. and around the world.