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Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. Davis faced a difficult task in organizing a Confederate war effort. The Confederate states had seceded on grounds of maintaining states' rights. But to fight the Union, Davis had to exercise fundamentally federal powers to unite Southern states, tactics which displeased his fellow Confederates.

The Scratching Post: Hugh Hefner and Jefferson Davis

A crowd gathers to watch WWII hero Audie Murphy get a haircut in Farmersville, Texas. 1946.

Abandoned Delinted Cottonseed Mill in Farmersville, Texas | Robert Leman Purvin was born in Farmersville.

Abandoned Delinted Cottonseed Mil in Farmersville Texas

Vintage hair dryer and electromagnetic fields - This is the bonnet that burned off my mother's hair just before her wedding to a stranger at 16 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Chronically Vintage

A chart showing the relationship among Jews from different geographic regions. (Harry Ostrer) Karen Weintraub, a Cambridge-based Health and Science journalist, is a frequent contributor to CommonHealth.

Jeff, Dad, Lisa, & Duane Fitchburg 1950s