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The CHEW food recipes

If you haven't heard of THE CHEW ? your So so Missing out! Food goodness and you can watch the video step by step for each recipe.

Average tortilla chips and salsa are twisted into an interesting dessert your family will love!

Let Mario's basic pizza dough recipe be the canvas for all your pizza creations.

Make Carla's scrumptious crispy rice bars with candy for your next kid friendly party!

A rolled up sweet dough containing butter, cinnamon, and sugar will satisfy event the strongest of craving for sweets!

Take two classic breakfast foods and make them pop by combining them in this easy to make dish!

What happens when you cross left over hot dogs and chili? You get a hot dog chili sandwich! Jessica Tingler from St. Joseph, Missouri came up with the sandwich when that is all she could find in the fridge one day.

Spice up your dinner with this tasty chicken dish

This fancied up ketchup goes great with burgers, corn dogs, french fries, and more!

Go back in time with his twist on a vintage treat

Not your average chocolate chip; take a peek at Michael's take on a sweet treat that reminds him of home!

Don't miss out on the ultimate pairing of everybody's favorite bar foods.

Michael Symon uses this recipe for red onions but you can use any vegetable. Give it a try!

Mario's classic sandwich proves that you don't have to visit the big easy to get an authentic taste of New Orleans!

Feel free pop these into your mouth, one at a time, or pile them high for your next sandwich. Take it from us, you won't be disappointed!

Clinton shows you how to make the ULTIMATE bar snack you won't want to miss!

Michael shows you that this usually savory eastern European method of cooking can also make for a delicious dessert!

Don't mistake this for a dessert, this eggy, bread side dish is the perfect accompaniment for prime rib!

Eat like a king with Curtis' amazing prime rib!

Potatoes aren't the only veggies you can fry and dip. Try your hand at Clinton's delicious zucchini fries!

The ultimate combination of sweet and salty: blue cheese stuffed strawberries drizzled in honey. Delish!