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Calendula Infused Facial Toner

DIY Calendula Infused Facial Toner

Herbal Beauty DIY - Extract the goodness from garden grown beauty herbs, flowers, and roots for use in lotions, creams, soaps, balms, and more! #beauty #skincare #herbal #natural #gardening

Chronic inflammation is strongly correlated with our food choices, and is the root cause of many serious conditions. This illustration is based on Dr. Andrew Weil's Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Dr. Weil

How to Dehydrate Kale for Making Kale Chips or Kale Powder - fabulous method to preserve kale well past the season! // Mom with a PREP

How to Dehydrate Kale for Kale Chips - Mom with a PREP

72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins

RELAX. It's Ok to be SLOW ... Learn how to Eat Seasonal, Local, Organic and Whole The Urban Ecolife

Relax. It's okay to be SLOW – The Urban Ecolife

Chia Nutrition Benefits Infographic

Chia seeds are the ultimate survival food for long-term storage

Quote: "Multiply your store bought sweet potatoes - place 1 sweet potato in a bucket of moist soil. As slips (shouts) appear, pull out place them six at a time into 20 gallon buckets. Wait 4 months, dump bucket, get 3 to 4 gallons of organic homegrown sweet potatoes per bucket."

DIY Pore Strips ..only 2 ingredients!! -- so cool!

How to make your own pore strips

BAKED Cream Cheese Rangoons from ....These little appetizers are insanely delicious and addictive!

Homemade Face Mask Recipes for each type of face. Whether you're oily skinned, dry skinned, dull skinned or acne scarred, here are a couple of fantastic DIY masks.

I do not strictly adhere to a paleo diet, but these are nice guidelines.

This is an infographic on Paleo Diet. This kind of diet mimics the diet of pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Stress Relieving Detox Drink, looks gorgeous & refreshing! pinner wrote, "This always makes me feel SO much better when I drink it! I try to drink it a couple times a week!" #hydrate

"Sick Soup" - Make this soup for a sick person. They will be grateful. Make it for a not-sick person. They will also be grateful. Best chicken soup ever.

Hot Toddy Sorbet Flu Remedy - As Seen on The Doctors (pinning for the next time someone I know gets the flu!)

FireCider Cold & Flu Remedie

Natural flu remedy