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Act On Climate

Climate change is a serious threat to the health and welfare of American families. We're taking common-sense action to reduce carbon pollution and promote a cleaner energy economy. Meanwhile, many families, communities, businesses, and states are taking action to reduce carbon pollution. For Earth Month, we're sharing 30 tips to help you act on climate. Help us spread the word! Repin these tips and share them with your friends and family.

Use a power strip to reduce your energy consumption, save money and #ActOnClimate.

Switching to cold water while doing your laundry can save you $40 annually & help you #ActOnClimate

Try the Energy Star home energy yardstick to learn how to increase your energy efficiency, save up to 20% annually on bills and #ActOnClimate.

Change your HVAC filter regularly to ensure your system is running efficiently and #ActOnClimate.

By insulating your electric water heater you can save $30 annually and #ActOnClimate.

Walk the walk. Give your car a break and consider using sustainable alternatives to help save energy and #ActOnClimate.

Composting food and yard waste reduces garbage in landfills and carbon pollution. Try it for yourself and #ActOnClimate!

Turn off the tap! Save water and energy while brushing those pearly whites and #ActOnClimate.

Happy #Earth Day. Today, spread the word about the climate challenge we face to #ActOnClimate.

Earth Day - April 22 #ActOnClimate

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We know you’ve heard it before – but did you know it’s a way to #ActOnClimate?

Check out the @U.S. Department of Energy STAR Save Energy at Home Tool for tips on how to save energy and cut carbon pollution in each room of your home. #ActOnClimate

Check your tire pressure to #ActOnClimate and improve your fuel economy! #ActOnClimate

Earth Day, April 22 | US EPA

Make haste, reduce your food waste to #ActOnClimate!

Act On Climate | Earth Day | US EPA

This just leaked to the press! Fix household leaks and conserve water, energy and #ActOnClimate.

Run your dishwasher with a full load only to prevent 100 lbs of carbon pollution and save $40 annually on utility bills. #ActOnClimate

Try a programmable thermostat to save on your energy bills and reduce carbon pollution. #ActOnClimate

Learn how to reduce your impact at every stage of the life cycle to #ActOnClimate.

Shower better to save 2,900 gallons of water annually and #ActOnClimate.

Remember car maintenance. A well-maintained car is more fuel efficient and produces less carbon pollution! #ActOnClimate

Recycle used electronics to #ActOnClimate.

Act On Climate | Earth Day | US EPA

Take a shower and save power. Showering uses 10 to 25 gallons of water, a bath uses up to 70! #ActOnClimate

Use this link to find out your carbon footprint and #ActOnClimate.

Act On Climate | Earth Day | US EPA

Let’s shut this down. Powering off electronics not in use can save you $15 monthly and cut carbon pollution. #ActOnClimate

Act On Climate | Earth Day | US EPA

Take the plunge, take the pledge and start with Energy Star to #ActOnClimate.