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Steampunk Temporal Telegraphic Communication by cityinthesky - lighted cuff bracelet, more pics at link

Resin steampunk necklace w/ real (found) butterfly wing. Saw this IRL - the wing turns translucent in the resin; looks like stained glass when held to the light. Very cool.

Resin assemblage necklace by Second Hand Hearts - great design

H.O.R.U.S. steampunk laser gun by Resinator Labs. (They sell kits to make your own. Pricey, but gorgeous.)

Gorgeous steampunk laser gun by Resinator Labs, which sells complete kits to build your own! SO COOL.

New Dimmable Edison Bulb with LEDs inside. AMAZING. ($30 each)

3 Watt Vintage LED Clear Round bulb

New Edison bulb design with warm LEDs inside - SO COOL. (But $22 each. OUCH.)

240V Fancy round .5W LED Warm clear Festoon bulb

One of the new shops at Diagon Alley in Universal Orlando, decorated with lots of brass and gadgets. LOVE.

  • Elan Auman

    Looks even better in person! I work for the team that built it, we got to have a special preview of the land last week :)

EPBOT: 15 Pieces of Steampunk Jewelry to Steam Up Your Saturday

EPBOT: 15 Pieces of Steampunk Jewelry to Steam Up Your Saturday

How to wear your pocket watch!

Steampunk bar with funky industrial lighting at U Bulino in Prague

Restaurace U Bulínů
  • Anna Hauser

    This bar is cool, but check out this steampunk bar. I promise this isn't spam just awesome.

Industrial assemblage light at U Bulinu, a restaurant in Prague

Restaurace U Bulínů

Steampunk Frankenstein cake based on the amazing costume by Rick Baker. Wowza. More pics & details at the link.

- Most awesome Steampunk Frankenstein Cake based on...

Another excellent Steampunk Keyboard instructable

My Steampunk Keyboard version

"The Moon Machine" - handmade moon phase clock. Hit the link for the instructable, including templates for laser cutting.

The Moon Machine

Kinetic winged sculpture made from popsicle sticks by Joyce Lin

Kinetic sculptures made from popsicle sticks

Steampunk Samurai outfit by Tyson Vick - more pics at the link

Darth Vapour by cylonka - this is a digital painting, but the helmet at least actually exists IRL. Follow the link for photos.

Darth Vapour by cylonka on deviantART

Sterling silver octopus-shaped chatelaine (1887). Made by Gorham and Company. This piece of jewelry would have been worn at the waist. Each chain is mounted with a useful household item, including a pin holder, mirror, whistle, perfume bottle and powder box. From the Missouri History Museum.

steampunk concept by TylerEdlinArt on deviantART

Steampunk clockwork seahorse by Sue Beatrice (!!)

Steampunk hat V4 by yukosteel - DIY inspiration: Embellish a plain cap with leather strips, wire, gears, & rivets. Great for everyday steampunk wear!

Steampunk hat V4 by yukosteel on deviantART