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The Great Nebula (M42) in Orion (credit & copyright: Robert Gendler)

The Horsehead Nebula in Orion (credit & copyright: Nigel Sharp (NOAO), KPNO, AURA, NSF)

The Outer Shells of Centaurus A (July 1 2012) Image Credit: E. Peng and H. Ford (JHU), K. Freeman (ANU), R. White (STScI), CTIO, NOAO, NSF What causes the surrounding shells in peculiar galaxy Cen A? In 2002 a fascinating image of peculiar galaxy Centaurus A was released, processed to highlight a faint blue arc indicating an ongoing collision with a smaller galaxy. Another interesting feature of Cen A, however, is the surrounding system of shells, better visible here (...) #astronomy #space

This WISE image shows the Berkeley 59 cluster of stars, which are relative babies at just a few million years old, and resemble a cosmic rose

Hoag's Object: A Strange Ring Galaxy. Explanation: Is this one galaxy or two? This question came to light in 1950 when astronomer Art Hoag chanced upon this unusual extragalactic object. On the outside is a ring dominated by bright blue stars, while near the center lies a ball of much redder stars that are likely much older. Between the two is a gap that appears almost completely dark. How Hoag's Object formed remains unknown, although similar objects have now been identified and collectively...

Titanium Rainbow Flame Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster

La magnífica erupción solar del 31 de agosto de 2012 en ultravioleta Una llamarada solar de clase C8 solar captada en el ultravioleta. Sin duda uno de los vídeos de mayor belleza registrado nunca por Observatorio de Dinámica Solar de la NASA.

An aurora borealis seen from the International Space Station

Out of this world. Out of this time.