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Food Storage Friday #22: How to Make an Emergency Stove | In The Kitchen With Honeyville

This is so handy for emergencies while camping! Turn a soda can into a portable camp stove in 12 steps! Instant warmth and light. A must know!

How to Turn Soda Cans Into a Portable Camp Stove | eHow

How To Make A Simple DIY Alcohol Backpacking Stove From Soda Pop Cans #infographic

How To Make A DIY Alcohol Backpacking Stove From Soda Pop Cans

Check out this great stove you can put together with two cans and some wire for emergencies.

Car 72 Hour Kits

Incredible resource for survival, disaster preparedness, bushcraft, survival gear and more! LIKE their page and get terrific tips in your Facebook newsfeed!!! Really great stuff!!

Prepper Ideas » Blog Archive » How to make a Backpack Stove

How to make a Backpack Stove

No, a rocket stove won't throw anything into orbit, but it will heat a house (or cook a meal) way more efficiently than other wood burning stoves. So, what is a rocket stove? It's a stove that creates a very hot, smokeless fire. They can be any size from small enough to pack as a camp stove, up to large enough to heat a living area. Large ones are often insulated with cob (mud and straw) to absorb the intense heat and release it slowly over a longer period of time.

Rocket Stoves - Cool Name, Hot Stove

Ultimate Penny Stove ( Camp / Backpacking Alcohol Stove )

Ultimate Penny Stove ( Camp / Backpacking Alcohol Stove )

Cool Camp Stove

180 Tack - American made high quality wood fuel camp stoves

How to build a Rocket Stove using 16, 20, or 24 bricks - powerful cooking. Great idea for our annual camping trips on the farm. Would be awesome to line up a few of these stoves side by side, to get a full meal going at the same time. May 24, here we come.

Element Wood burning Stove - lightweight for backpacking / camping

Rocket Stove. These I live quite a bit. Little ones like this for camping are great but also larger ones for the home are superb.

DIY Rocket Stoves

mini stove - great idea during storms if you have an electric stove. Or while camping or just because you can!


Ultralight Camping for cheap-- the"Super Cat Alcohol Stove." Make your own meth-burning stove for the cost of buying a tin of cat food. It's vulnerable to wind so make a Fire Bucket, link on same site. A friend used some aluminum flashing that he bummed off a roofer. Could even use it as a wood burning stove.

The Super Cat Alcohol Stove

Rocket Stove- Girls Camp

How to make a Rocket Stove from a #10 Can and 4 Soup cans

How to make your own brick Rocket Stove. Great, yet simple, design for a quick stove! Great for emergencies and for using wood scraps. Impress your friend and make one during your next camping trip.

Build a brick rocket stove for $6.08 - American Preppers Network

How to make a buddy burner and tin can stove for camping or emergencies. I learned this is Girl Scouts when I was young we could use our cookie boxes

Life in Balance: Fire up a tin can for some summer cooking fun

DIY soda can stove... camping or power outage

How to make a soda can stove when hiking or camping

Gain unbeatable camping cred by cooking on a Laplander stove. What to do: Find a sturdy, medium-sized log. Cut slits into the top to form a cross-shape. Stuff slits with bark, sticks and leaves. Set alight and cook your food.

Alternative camping tips
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