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DIY, How To, Tips & Ideas for camping

Whether you're a novice or experienced camper, we can all have a wonderful camping experience. There's always something new to learn about camping & on this

How to Use a Buff as a Backpacking Pillow

How to Use a Buff as a Backpacking Pillow

Mike's Popup Camping Page A collection of information on popup camping

Mike's Popup Camping Page

Put reflective tape on bread ties to create reflectors for guy lines on your tarp. These also make great clothes pins when you are camping. They don't take up a lot of room like regular wooden clothes pins.

Get internets in the boonies - MiFi Antenna Mount for RV 4″ x 4″ Bumper

Internet Antenna

Follow this expert advice on how to buy, operate and maintain a gas powered electrical generator so that it's safe and ready to go when the power goes out.

Generator Maintenance Tips

living in the rv for almost 3 years now, I have figured out that "round" just isn't efficient...go with square jars & containers

A matter of preparedness: It's a matter of......Space!

how to make a bucket toilet (for when you go camping and all they have where you are is a gross disgusting outdoor toilet with dead moths inside)

bucket toilet seat

The Homestead Survival | Packing Travel Clothes Tip | Packing tip for a bug out bag

Packing Travel Clothes Tip | The Homestead Survival

Spy School: How to Build a Swedish Fire Torch for Cooking and Warmth

Put a couple strips of reflective tape on the inside of the door. The next time you have to pull over on the shoulder at night, open the door and youll have a brilliant attention-getter right where it will do the most good. Who knows, it could save you from being rear-ended some day. It cant hurt, thats for sure!

How to Wax Your Own Clothing and Gear

How to Wax Your Own Clothing and Gear

Lots of camper improvements and links to little gadgets you might need or want!

Improvements and Additions to the Kitchen in Cholula Red

How o pack the perfect camping kitchen

How to Pack the Perfect Camping Kitchen - My Real Review

Keeping your RV cool in hot summer heat

Keeping your RV cool in hot summer heat