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Pack Your Suitcase Perfectly By Seeing It Like a Game of Tetris or Jenga: some useful tips - it definitely helps to visualise the space in a bag, or the small nook left and think what can fit in, or what can be reoriented to give more room. I am not convinced though by the semi-rolling method used here

$19 for three small pouches is, in some ways, a good deal as they are light and lightly padded so are good for storing delicate things like cameras and cables. Importantly, they also protect other contents in your bag from sharp objects on things like plugs

Packing cubes are a definite help when you have to use a large back and weight is less of an option - great for compartmentalising your things for easy retrieval. This set of 3 costs $30

eBags Mother Lode is sturdy, loads of zips and storage options, can take a good share of abuse, and comes with a great guarantee. At $135 they are a pretty good deal for times when you need a decent sized rolling bag

Chris from HackCollege goes over how to pack all of your clothes into one suitcase while avoiding wrinkles, using the OneBag bundle wrapping method that I've used for all sorts of bags - it definitely gives a good dense bundle of clothes

Jacket folding - light travel one-bag packing technique: this one-bag-one-world method is not quite like that of Doug Dyment but still works out well.

How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling: a different take to my now heavily preferred bundle wrapping technique but it looks good - the secret looks to be a cushion of air.

Aloksak bags are super tough, waterproof to 200ft and can come in all temperatures. This multipack is only $12. My main current use is as a minimal cosmetics bag

If you are checking luggage (which I try not to do) then TSA approved locks are a must. These ones from Safe Skies are heavy (a good thing for locks, no?), but not cheap at $21 a pair

If you need to pack a lot of stuff and don't need to worry about navigating trains and things, then spacious, super cheap army kit bags seem like the way to go ($13). Has anyone else used these for emigrating with? I've just bought four to help us out.

My favourite one bag / carry on - super tough, tons of space, looks great, incredibly well designed. I was too nervous to get the shocking red though. At $225 it isn't cheap but hopefully it will last me forever.