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Food allergy awareness

About Frankie's nut free restaurant

SafetySack: Keep your children safe and their medication secure.

Kyle Dine's School Food Allergy Awareness Posters please feel free to download and print!

National Education Association "The Food Allergy Book: What School Employees Need to Know"

What is involved in a “potentially life-threatening reaction”? // Symptoms and signs of anaphylaxis #foodallergies

What you need to know to prevent a Holiday Hill incident at your child's school.

The elation you get from picking up your first Auvi-Q for your kid! It's an allergy mom thing. #foodallergy

Ways to keep classroom parties allergy friendly & fun! #foodallergies

Tips to help communicate about your child's food allergy www.peanutfreezon... #food allergy

Anaphylaxis/Allergic reaction - signs and symptoms

My Food Facts: Scan the UPC bar-code on food product labels and search for allergens.

Allergy Eats: Search a database of restaurants by city, zip code, or your current location, review peer-ratings of the restaurants’ allergy-friendliness, and post your own ratings.

A non-confrontational letter to parents explaining the need for peanut bans in school and providing a strategy for transitioning children from peanut butter to a safer alternative.

Bye Bye Benadryl, Why You Should Skip Antihistamines During An Allergic Reaction

FARE Publishes Updated Emergency Action Plan Template - BE SURE YOU'RE USING FARE'S *LATEST* TEMPLATE!!!

Breaking Food Allergy News: A new food allergy education and advocacy organization was launched on New Year's Eve

Studies show that there is enough allergic protein to cause ANA reactions in many of the products labeled "Made in the Same Facility." Labeling for the top 8 IF THEY ARE AN INGREDIENT in the product is governed by law. Cross-contamination risk IS NOT! Sadly many parents don't know this, but it has been responsible for many deaths in the FA world.

The holidays are a time to celebrate TOGETHER! Include... don't exclude!

Image: Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children’s Hospital

Histamine mast cell symptoms

Food allergy common terms and definitions: Anaphylaxis, Epinephrine, etc.