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Dogs, the most friendliest, devoted and faithful partner any person can have.

Dog collar with personalized clasp. So much better than an ID tag that jingles constantly!

Reminds me of my Ellie girl. Miss that pup so very much!

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen

True love is seen in the eyes of a rescued dog. We've had ours for 5 years, and they still look at us like we're their saviors!

Doggie Birthday Cake Recipe - Recipe for cake that is safe for your puppy to eat :)

Service dog PANZER helps treat his ret Army guardian Brad's PTSD, shares a playful moment. Extensive evidence having a dog benefits your health:*lowers your blood pressure *cholesterol 2% lower *Medicare patients have 40% lower care needs *kids with dogs-50% less likely to be obese *dog people more trusted *petting raises immunoglobulin *relieves PTSD *28% higher heart attack survival *decrease stress *reduce common colds *lesser feelings of loneliness *decreases allergies & asthma...more