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Nothing like a dogenut. No reason for this and yet, it makes me laugh. @Gabby Meriles Perkins

The world wants you to believe this. This is not true. Go to Jesus first, give it all to him, lay it all at his feet, then walk away from it. You know He has never let you down He's not going to start now...

The Mercedes-Benz SLS was the first fully electric supercar to be produced, and the battery fuelled car comes with 740 horsepower. Hit the image for more breathtaking electric supercars...

pictures of taylor lautner in twilight | taylor_lautner_abs_shirtless shirt off Twilight_Eclipse New Moon ...

taylor lautner shirtless - his body, smile, muscles 😍❤️💪

Holy crap people... HE JUST WENT SHIRTLESS!! Good lord...😍👌😘❤️

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BERRY hot men: Shirtless friday

Taylor Lautner...because it takes a pack like those to make me break the no shirtless men on the man wall clause. TYVM.

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Seems appropriate for today, don't you think? shirtless friday 21 Shirtless friday (29 photos)

  • Nita Lee

    Woe. Shirtless industrialism is the sexiest thing ever.

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Who is this and where can I find some of that?!?!! #sexymen

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