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I can't be.

Getting Real Tired Of This Sh*t!

When basic bitches come at me.. I be like..!!! lolol I love this word!!

Twitter / joyisabro: How I feel about weekend ...

Yes! The Pandora "Film Scores" station is the best music EVAR for studying, working, thinking, cleaning house, cooking, whatever. It's awesome! (think: Hans Zimmer, James Howard, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, John Powell, John Williams, and more. FANTASTIC!)

Listen To This Pandora Station While Doing Work

Chris D'Elia did a bit on his 1 hour Comedy Central special "White Male, Black Comic" about drunk girls and crocodiles. 6 months later, NatGeo Wild has a special about an upcoming "Crocpocalypse"!! Coincidence?