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Team Shericas Broome House and Design Ideas

The Development of Team Sherica's House being built as well as some Interior deisgn ideas

The real colour of the couch is more a greyish blue tone....i love it!

MALIN TRÅD Rug, low pile IKEA A blend of wool and nylon makes this rug ultra soft and durable.


  • Erica Stanley

    @monica.....hmmmm very nice and not disimillar to display home....quite less in price so wondering about quality

  • Erica Stanley

    when i compare the two i can see that the display home has better quality cushions and steel feet that could add to price difference...

Dining Room Table and chairs

Photo Wall

Foung this bowl an many other blue accessories in storage back in Perth

Hey Monica this is my "The kiss" bowl which will be great on the black bench top in the kitchen or bathroom, i love it.....and it's not blue!

DIY Triangle Painting

stacked cutlery trays for jewelry

gloria petyarre via brabourne farm

Replica Marcel Wanders Stone Stool

  • Gueeka Interiors

    this could make a wonderful lamp or side table. Perfect blue! Using it as a stool may compete too much with the pendant lights.

  • Jo Hartley

    These are the stools they had at the bridal shop Eri, just not blue!!

  • Erica Stanley

    ? i can't remember them.....did they look good?

blue design interior

These are the pendant lights we will have in the kitchen! yay!

  • Jodi Butterworth

    love these...i have these lights in my kitchen..but white ! love the blue !!

  • Gueeka Interiors

    This helps a lot Erica. Thanks for posting them.

  • Gueeka Interiors

    Erica, I think the bar stools need to compliment the lights in a contrasting finish. I don't want to over do the blue. This way the pendant kind of become the hero. Have a look at the few stools that i have pinned.

All Table Lamps - Shades of Light...i love both the blue ones!

  • Jodi Butterworth

    the dark one...definately !

  • Gueeka Interiors

    Without seeing the quilt, I couldn't comment. Too much of the same or similar colour will appear too much. Sometimes thrrowing another colour in will compliment the scheme better.

  • Erica Stanley

    Monica haven't you been given authority to see the beautiful quilt via email? :) or is too hard unless youve seen it in person....sounds like Jodi has seen it up close and personal! like the dark blue one best ..

  • Erica Stanley

    but good point on throwing in another colour....jani sent me through examples of all the materials she has used in the quilt , i can show you at our next meeting Monica

  • Jodi Butterworth

    the dark blue would look awsome..the quilt would suit maybe an amber colour thrown in but they seem more green (the ones on the ends) .....

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An idea of how to show off alot of photos & prints. Could work on meals wall.

The Famous John Butler Poster and love letter to me....needs a special spot!

second one of dave conolans, i love them!

Monica Dave Conlan ( used to have a gallery in Broome) Painted me these two pieces for a gift i need them to be in a special spot!

  • Erica Stanley

    not big....two of them whats next up from A4 A3 or A5? not big at all

  • Jo Hartley

    A3 is 2 lots of A4 and A5 is half of A4

  • Erica Stanley

    ahhhh so a3 know you're measurements joey....monica i sent you the exact measurements!

  • Jo Hartley

    I love these paintings they should be in a very prominent area!

  • Erica Stanley

    yes special as he painted them especially for me

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