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Christmas Crafts

Hand painted Christmas clothespins on Etsy but I thought it was a great idea for kids to decorate clothespins, add a magnet to the back and they can hang their art on fridge or magnetic board- just a thought

Yarn Snowman - adorable DIY decoration for winter

Instead of gingerbread house, make a gingerbread the marshmallow sheep!

homemade christmas card idea and the snowman can be the ornament. or cute card to give with a book and snowman can be a bookmark.

Kids' Christmas list in an ornament with the year. It would be so cool to go back and see what the children asked for years ago. Absolutely love this idea!

turn babys first shoe into a sentimental christmas ornament! write the year on the bottom!

Never buy another craft cone again!! Cyndy created a template for 5 sizes of craft cones that are used to make sturdy cones out of rolled poster board. These cones are just as durable as the paper mache (because they are rolled twice). The Creativity Exchange

Glue plaque to candlestick, glue finial on top, then paint as desired (J-O-Y for Christmas, Chalkboard paint, B-O-O for Halloween, etc., etc.)