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Best Baklava Recipe Ever, will test this recipe

I'm proud of my Native Heritage

Honey mustard roasted cabbage.

Mediterranean baked chicken. *A simple baked chicken dish packed with Mediterranean flavors. Everything cooks in one pan so that all of the ingredients can happily infuse.

Clean Eating Slow Cooker Cinnamon Chicken. Slow-simmered in cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and coconut milk for a scrumptious Phase 3 meal on the #FastMetabolismDiet!+#vacation+#rental+#travel+#vrbo

Can your students engineer some Greek Mythology? Try these five STEM Engineering Challenges to find out! The Five Challenges Included in this Set: - Column Construction Challenge - Cardboard Marble Maze Challenge - Broken Pottery Challenge - Mythical Monster Model Challenge - Trojan Horse Model Challenge These challenges are a great way to incorporate STEM learning with the topic of Greek Mythology! Students must design and construct a variety of items inspired by Greek Mythology! $

Cardboard castle by Ann Wood

Institute of Technology created an entire cardboard city called “Cardburg”, exhibited at the Cell Space gallery in San Francisco in 2008.

Awesome! For Halloween ideas or just at home. Cardboard Costume Challenge LOVE!!!

Virutal field trips and worksheets for teachers who are not able to take their kids out of the classroom.

▶ Ellis Island - History of Immigration to the United States (1890-1920)_ Award Winning Documentary - YouTube

The last boat accepted at Ellis Island - 1950 - photo by Ernst Haas

A family of seven sons and one daughter, Ellis Island (1904-1926). This is a great site with lots of photo's from Ellis Island.

Amazingly INTENSE interactive about life as a slave. Tons of problem solving scenarios.

Christin at "Joyful Mothering" has a great review of our Civil War Time Travelers, including LOTS of photos! Take a look at their completed lap book, as well as the fantastic job they did on the newspaper!

Middle School US History Activities: Civil War Letter. This would be a great lesson to incorporate during language arts/ reading.

Information, quizzes, & activities on the American Civil War