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That ache in your neck when your head is turned sideways from looking at books too long.

You have no idea how accurate this actually is. I have so many unrealistic expectations. Depressing...

I don't get less excited, but I get bummed that I don't have anyone to get excited with.

More like the laughter.....I usually laugh uncontrollably every time I hear it.

Well there usually is a reason, but the looks are a little weirder if I say the reason out loud.

One of the reasons I'm glad to be a graduate.

Then that horrible confuzing time where two characters in seperate books are the same name, like Jack, for instance, and one of them dies, and when you are reading late at night and you freak out when the LIVE Jack shows up.

they can really say this when they have the lenses in and they caption it "looking for void stuff"

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It's so sad. I cry EVERY time. Rose Tyler: I love you. The Doctor: Quite right too. And I guess if it's my last chance to say it, Rose Tyler... (tears)