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Celebrating Crafts (kids)

Pipe Cleaner Crafts ~ Animals, Rings, Flowers, Snowflakes, Creatures, Reindeer, Butterfly, Turkey, Reindeer, Monsters, Horses, and more pipe cleaner...

From letters to numbers to shapes to faces, these free printable play doh learning mats will keep your kids occupied for hours so you can browse Pinterest (or clean your toilets - the choice is yours). ENJOY!

9 free printable Play Doh learning mats for kids

Easy to follow animated 3D origami instructions #kidsapps

App Went Free: Animated 3D Origami Instructions | iGameMom

The Ultimate Guide to Crayon Art and Crafts! Tons of art ideas for kids!

Easy recipe for rainbow sidewalk chalk paint - bonus: it erupts!

Porcupine Ring Painters - what a great craft idea for toddlers. Sensory + fun medium + get a bit messy + easy for their chubby fingers!

Porcupine Ring Painters

Neat Valentine's Day craft: Sandpaper Printed T-shirt Kids Craft | Alpha Mom

I love this sharpie marker craft - a craft idea I won't throw away! :) Possibility for Valentine's Day - make one for yourself, one for someone else. Aesthetic Nest: Craft: Scribble Initial T-Shirt (Tutorial)

How to make animal pom-poms

How to make animal pom-poms

Bath Salts- a homemade gift idea that is fun for kids to make.

Best Homemade Puffy Paint - 4 Recipes Tried. We have the best! Meaningful Mama

This would be FUNNY! Dice with emotions animals--kids have to act them out. A great rainy day game for the kids!

Color cloth napkins with iron-on pastels. Permanently colors the napkins.