My Custom Dream House

These are things I love that I would want if I could design my very own custom dream house.

Awesome!! Pallets slipped over fence posts for a quick and cheap fence, could use for making dog kennels or just as a neat fence

Most twist top glass bottles fit standard dispenser tops... could be cool for the bathroom in a man cave or game room or something...

Cute idea. Especially as decor for a barn or country theme house or a cute backyard. Maybe use 2 put together so it's more of a horizontal rectangle than a vertical one?

such a fun idea! replace the middle board of a picnic table with a rain gutter. fill with ice and drinks when hosting parties.

So cool! Keep your electronics hidden in a bread box! I don't think I'd keep my cell phone here, but all the other stuff would work!

Rain Shower! I want this so that all of me can be in the hot water all at once!

I Love and Hate the idea of a TV in the bathroom. It would be nice to watch a show or movie while I'm getting all prune-y, but at the same time, it's not much of a quiet escape. Jury's out on this feature. HOWEVER, I'm 100% in love with the fireplace in the bathroom. How have I lived without it? How am I living without it?!?!

Another one where you feel like you're bathing outdoors in nature!

I love this concept of a wall of windows in the bathroom that looks out into secluded nature. It feels like you're bathing in the woods!

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