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30 Words You Didn't Know Existed Before Having Babies, must send to my new mom friends!

30 Words You Didn't Know Existed Before Having Babies

free e-book on newborn sleep

Pregnancy Freebies - The Savvy Bump

to get your baby to sleep 8 hours through the night at 8 weeks and 12 hours at 12 weeks. Basically BabyWise but she breaks it down so you don't have to read the book. This stuff works!! Getting your baby to sleep is totally a science. :)

DELIGHTFUL MOM STUFF: Newborn: Sleeping Through the Night!

Secret Swaddle. Yes! We used this with baby O and it changed our lives! He actually started sleeping for 4+ hour stretches!

The Secret Swaddle | my sleep solution

Exclusive pumping. Kudos to you moms who do this!

A letter to mommas who formula feed. I can not believe all the judgment that surrounds feeding an infant! My milk dried up with Abby at 4 months and you wouldn't believe how bad people made and still make me feel about having to have formula fed Abby until she was 1.

"Timeline of a Breastfed Baby" - full of some seriously great info!

The Alpha Parent: Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

Baby Girl Headbands @Tara Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Harmon Frandsen Ivers

best swimsuits for babies…

best swimsuits for babies…

For the soon to be mommys! I wish I'd have read up more before hand! This can be very helpful along with talking to moms who've been there before. My two cents would be don't doubt what your doing and keep going! I felt very lost at first but absolutely love it and enjoy it now!!

The 10 most creative ways to document your baby's first year | Cardstore Blog

This makes sense, I'm always trying to figure out how far along I am in months, but my brain doesn't work haha...

Use the Infant Water Bottle Cap Adapter from Green Sprouts to turn a regular water bottle into a baby bottle.

What to pack when having a baby - even though I have already been through it.. a helpful reminder will be nice. Oh and the fact that over packing is not a bad thing (when they could keep you for longer @ the hopsital! argh!)

Great stuff to know if you are pregnant or have a newborn. Flat head is so much more common now that we are told to lay our babies on their backs.

How to make nursing a newborn a little easier... nursing bras, breast pumps, nursing covers, and nursing pillows. |

Converse Chuck Taylor® Double Tongue Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler) | Nordstrom