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I have traveled a very long, hard road to my present place of healing. I am still often amazed that I have survived both my abuse and myself and am now in a position to give back. My mission is to let those struggling with abuse/mental health issues know that you can climb out of the deepest, darkest corners of hell. There is still a life worth living inside you.

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listen, lie, life, quotes, sayings, great

At this point, I seriously doubt that you care... time to let go.

I am done letting other peoplea BS and dramas control me! Deal w your own shit cuz Im busy!

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You mean to tell me yo' Baby Daddy also be yo' Husband?

So true. ;P ((Oh, and being on disability helps, too!)) My job is to be the best wife to my husband, Mommy to my Babies and a great friend to those I love. ♥

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Blake Shelton....his sense of humor makes him even more attractive.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Not too many people like us when we hang out together...but they're just mad they can't be this awesome.

I feel an immediate bond with women I meet who cuss as much as I do. This is very true!

VERY TRUE!!!!!!! I tell this to my husband all of the time. He just doesn't get it. Lol

Not sure if I need sex, sleep, or to punch someone in the face

To my friends, I wish you peace, love and health. Blah, Blah blah... screw that! I wish you lots of sex, booze, orgasms and hope you win the f***ing lotto.