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heart infinity

  • Nicole Litzinger

    Actually if you look it up there are various meanings. My tattoo isn't for polyamory.

  • Tracy Maupin

    I too have a infinite love tattoo and to me it means my love is never-ending. For my family and true love will never end. To each their own...

  • Valerie Silva

    Is that true? Then again to each his own cuz the rainbow stands for Gods promise but Gay people use it for gay pride. I think u can interpret it ur own way.

  • Valerie Silva

    I love it and I would take it as everlasting love

  • Dena Lambert Holmes

    have to get this one!!

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Riot looks so much like Cleverclue!

Cut an extra wedding invitation into tiny strips and stuff into a clear glass ornament. It's a perfect way to remember your wedding on your first Christmas together!

Umm Yes!!!!!!! Why didn't I think of this? @Erin Hamill @Rebecca Mortensen