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How to make an anti nausea recipe. Perfect for someone with the flu or undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemo Moonshine | Natural Nausea Remedy

Updated Seclusion and Restraint Rules for Missouri

Updated Seclusion and Restraint Rules for Missouri | CPI

Workplace violence in health care: Why 'part of the job' mindset needs to change

Workplace violence in health care

Have a student that is having trouble sitting still in class? Try tying an old bicycle tire tube around the legs of the chair so the student can kick and fidget into the tube while receiving some proprioceptive input. #OTlifehack

OT Cafe: #OTLifeHack

Young Living Essential Oils: Everyday Essential Oils www.theoildropper...

The Oil Dropper

Improve your Health! Find out the correct portion sizes to use. Healthy eating + working out = WIN!

See what a balanced diet can do for you

Thyroid issues can get complicated, so this might help explain a little bit better what dotors do not explain to their patients.

Maybe the one thing we can take away from Robin Williams' death is to remember that depression can kill.

Delirium as a Cause of Behavior

FREE RESOURCE! TIP 57: Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services

Ten Top Tips for Talking with People with Aphasia. Pinned by your source for geriatric occupational therapy resources.

A great infogram about #Aphasia from Canada Drug Center. For more information about aphasia and #intensivetherapy contact #UMAP at

This DIY reflexology treatment works parts of the hands to relieve tension in corresponding body parts.

How to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse. The topic isnt cool, but I needed to pin this on a board that was more widely seen!

Our Emotions Effect How Our Body Feels.

Emotional Connection Points in the Physical Body

Reports on Restraint and Seclusion Rates in Psychiatric Units

Reports on Restraint and Seclusion Rates in Psychiatric Units

Excellent and detailed explanation of neck trigger points and how to use foam rollers/tennis ball to release.

Smoking Statistics for Adults with Mental Illness - Mental Health Professionals can help address this issue!

Why I don't reduce a fever and what I do instead-natural ways to speed illness recovory-great info

If you feel emotionally hijacked during a crisis, breathe deeply and slowly to remain calm. Ask "Why am I so angry?" More tips in our FREE on-demand webinar: How to Reduce Violence in Health Care Facilities

The Fenway Institute Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender - link to publications page

Seriously SUCH a good point.

Hospitals Safely Defuse Violence With Training

10 Tips for Crisis Prevention ~ free eBook