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Ha! Well played internet, combining two of my favorite shows into one funny meme. Well played! Dexter vs. Joffery

Dexter vs. Games of thrones

Wedding date tattoos

Do-Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook. What a brilliant invention

Pie Iron Recipes Cookbook

Tomato Troubles? Plant tomatoes where they will get at least 10 hours of light in summer. Leave room between plants for air to circulate. Alternate growing areas for tomatoes and you diminish the risk of soil-borne diseases such as bacterial spot and early blight. Plant your tomato seedlings up to the first true leaves.New roots will quickly sprout on the stems. More roots means more fruits. #gardengrowingtips

Tomato Troubles? | Backyard Diva

Funny Pictures Of The Day 76 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day 76 Pics

DIY PALLET SWING BED I will have this in my yard someday

Indoor Swing Set... this is the most awesome thing ever. Put in front of TV and keeps them active even while cartooning! Now...if only there was a support beam that would hold adult too!

To be done at slap n dash~I need to do this for Father's Day!!

Dad's Pocket Tray

Oakley Tinfoil Sunglasses at

Oakley Tinfoil Sunglasses - Men's Accessories | Buckle

Seriously clever! A headlamp around a gallon of water = ambient light for your tent and a great night lamp when the power is out.

Funny Shirt - Ninjabreadman Ninja Gingerbread

Must. Have. This. NOW!! Series 1410 Lockable Mirror Opened

Foam Floor Tiles for Tent floor. Smart!

Cherry Pie in the Crock Pot Recipe - Only 3 Ingredients!!! (Click Image)

14 days of Valentine's & donuts made out of biscuits w/ cinnamon & sugar! Yumm!

14 fun ideas (not just for vday, though) ;) some better than others.

an easy little thank you for that someone in your life - a teacher, a husband, etc.

DIY Harry Potter Nursery @Eric Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Sentell Please?!?!