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Good trick: wait for the conductor to look up after reading the question to put up hand. The gesture of raising the arm will catch his attention.

When Girls are on their Periods (22 Photos)

I hate the quotes on the pastel background, but this is so true. I never chase shots, and should really stop chasing men...

If You've Ever Worked Retail You'll Understand...

Funny Breakup Ecard: The good news is your ex set the bar low enough to make your new boyfriend's ordinary accomplishments seem impressive. Bahahahaha

So I've been trying this new thing called 'not being a bitch.' It doesn't seem to be working.

Hahahaha true

How cat owners eat…

Express yourself. | 35 Essential Life Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

How to Deal with Morning People

.Stick a straw in the box of wine - adult capri sun!

Tate Langdon // American Horror Story // Murder House

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