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Way Back

32 Pins

18" stuffed Strawberry Shortcake pillow

Oh my gosh, I loved this book!

The Heart Family

The Get Along Gang

Loved barbie and the rockers

The Baby-Sitters Club ~ Pretty sure I read them all

Koosh balls

Happy Meals Muppet Babies

@Shanna Siller and I had these!

Barbie shrinky dinks!

"Cigars, cigarettes, cookies!?" Gaaahh, I used to love this movie. Wouldn't mind watching it again now.

I had one of these too

Squiggle Pen


Mini Song Book--OMG, had like 10 of these!

I had quite a few of these!

  • Alaina Weimer

    I absolutely positively loved those and had a ton of em. What were they called again? I might have had this same exact one. Good retro find!

  • Erin Stipanovich

    I don't know what they're called, but I had this exact one, and Amy had a pink one with blonde hair...I think they had necklaces inside so you could wear them. I loved that thing! =)

  • Alaina Weimer

    I just goggled. They were Sweet Secrets!! They did have necklaces attached!! Between these and smooches, I was in heaven!

  • Alaina Weimer

    I mean smooshies!

  • Katie Duensing

    AHHHH!! I had one of those!

clearly Canadian... I used to love this stuff!!

Zit stickers!

Trapper Keeper! I can hear the Velcro ripping now:) Mine had a unicorn on it.

love me some Saved by the Bell

yip yip yip yip yip yip yip ah ha ah ah

I loved this!

Lagear, Running Shoes, 80S, La Gears, Childhood Memories, License Plates, Hot Pink, 90S, Exactly Shoes

Dinosaurs - I'm the baby, gotta love me!