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The Life of Christ, a 45 day scripture study

"These ideas are from Sister Julie B. Beck former General Relief Society President. They are found on the church website and also on a wall in the Resource Room on the basement floor of the Relief Society building on Temple Square. It is something that I always need to remember as I make my "to do" lists."

Previous Pinner says: "Chocolate on my Cranium: Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy FHE - Cute. I'd also want to label the good sundae toppings with appropriate Sunday activities."

Chocolate on my Cranium: Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy FHE

It features one lesson devoted to each of the standards found in the For the Strength of Youth booklet, It also includes stories, activities, object lessons, games, and refreshment ideas to make learning the standards engaging and fun. Before They Turn Twelve is ideal for Monday night lessons, Sunday time discussions, and preparing for Primary talks. Great for families with children ages 5 to 12.

FHE back to school lesson.

Blue Skies Ahead: Back to school family home evening

Be Nice to Your Rice: The Rice Experiment (Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiment). Teach your kids the power of love vs. harmful words. Scientific explanation is the reverberations of the voice tones, but the kids will be amazed nonetheless! We are doing this!!!

Cranberry Corner: Be Nice to Your Rice: The Rice Experiment

July 2014 Visiting Teaching Printables - simple as that

July 2014 Visiting Teaching Printables (simple as that)

FHE: The Sacrament (by John Bytheway)

FHE: The Sacrament

page titles Book of Mormon-we did this and it is amazing! The girls love it.

New Articles of Faith printable - like Family Proclamation layout

Family Home Evening - Family Scripture Study (simple lesson to bring your family closer together)

LDS Lane: Family Home Evening - Family Scripture Study

The Plan of Salvation. Very interesting... I've never seen one quite like this before.

Do you teach your kids "be good because the Bible tells you to" or do you teach your kids that they will never be good without Christ's offer of grace? There is a huge difference. One leads to moralism; the other leads to brokenness. One leads to self-righteousness; the other leads to a life that realizes that Christ is everything and that nothing else matters.

Great post here about put ups (the opposite of put downs)

Great ideas for a back to school FHE (choosing good friends, learning, get good grades, etc).

Infinite light of Christ's Atonement

Down the remind Daughter she's a daughter of the King. Love this ring!