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Tomato Juice Cake. The result is a very moist cake, and no—it does not taste like tomatoes!

Classic Potato Latkes from the Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers. Provolone, Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms, Roast Beef, top with Provolone, Heat at 400 for 15-20

Oven Roasted Chicken 65 - A healthy version

Tzatziki is vegetarian, gluten free, heart healthy, high protein, low carb, lowfat, and totally delicious.

Buffalo meatballs made with ground turkey. Healthy alternative to wings!

No-Fail Popovers from Paulette’s Restaurant (Memphis, TN)

Rubik's Cube salad made from watermelon, kiwi, and feta. OCD much?

Grilled Cheese with Roast Beef and Sweet Red Caramelized Onions - oh my gosh sounds yum!

Watermelon shark complete with helpless Swedish fish.

Am I the only person who hasn't heard of "cooler corn?" Short story: We like corn on the cob. And with eight adults at the table, that means a couple of dozen ears. We would have used the lobster pot to cook them all, but the lobster pot was busy steaming lobster. Then my sister, a capable Maine cook with years of camping experience, says "let's do cooler corn!" Before I can ask "what the heck is cooler corn?" a Coleman cooler appears from the garage, is wiped clean, then filled with the shucked ears. Next, two kettles-full of boiling water are poured over the corn and the top closed. Then nothing. When we sat down to dinner 30 minutes later and opened it, the corn was perfectly cooked. My mind was blown. And I'm told that the corn will remain at the perfect level of doneness for a couple of hours. :)

Making this huge snack stadium would be a great excuse for hosting a HUGE Superbowl party! I bet New Mexico State would absolutely drool over this Snack Bowl (only a few will get this inside joke).

Waffle iron hash browns

For all you foodie/videogame geeks out there, check out Gourmet Gaming!