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Little mermaid tote bag mermaid disney mermaid by rachelwalter, $14.00 I'm totally buying this for myself!!

Secret's out now

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This is great.

  • princess kid

    Battling on pinterest about whether or not some person's comment was or wasn't sexist isn't time being spent towards solving any of these issues, though. If you're as passionate as you're trying to make yourself out on any of this, log off, get off your soap-box and do something. This is a weird outlet for that much anger.

  • Morgan Walker

    Erica lasley if you get so mad at the word pussy then why did you call others dicks? It's the same thing.

  • Erica Lasley

    No because dicks are seen as a powerful thing calling a person a dick is saying that you see their power, their privilege and you deny them that power over you. However if it bothers you change the word dick to jerk, I could have used either one.

  • Monique Zepeda

    Holy crapola... This is Pinterest folks!!! Ease the anger

  • Kelli Jenkins

    Yelling at someone for using the word pussy will not stop the slave trade. The more people parade around and yelling about being offended at everything only give the offenders MORE POWER because you're letting them know they know they get under your skin. The best thing anyone can do to battle sexism is to overlook their language, turn in sexual predators to the police/social media/whatever, and be successful to prove that you can overcome the oppression.

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This is how I feel about chocolate


Beautiful, intelligent, hilarious, amazing women LOVE the Green Bay Packers.

Best part of the entirety of the Justice League cartoon.

Every wedding has an opportunity for unique photo ops. Don't be shy and live it up! And if a cop comes by asking if you want to take pictures with his car Always Say Yes!

What?? The cookies fit in the tray???