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Paint a cheap table a bright color and it can be awesome!!

This tattoo is amazing to me

The BEST Freaking Lemon Bars on Earth ~ Says: You think I’m kidding? I’m not. I swore a long time ago that I would only put up my very best recipes on the blog- and this one is absolutely freaking awesome. And easy too. You will never, ever, buy the ready-to-make box of pseudo-lemon bars again. This one is the be all and end all.

  • Gypsy Love

    I made these and they are gross!. 1/3 lemon juice is not enough to even remotely taste the lemon. i pretty much made custard bars, and not very good ones at that.

  • marcella aerts

    I agree with Gypsy Love. This recipe SUCKS!! Complete waste of six eggs.

Pleeeeease go vote for London's big girl room on project nursery! Voting ends tonight in just a few hours and we are down by a bit! Just click this picture and scroll to the bottom and vote for London's room!

love the shelves above the buffet and the wine glass storage

Space Shuttle Breaching the Clouds.

Lasts 4-7 days!! Perfect for work lunches or picnics!

strawberries, marshmallows and brownie kabobs -use mini store bought brownies and make it even easier!

Baby stingrays!