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Hairpin Lace

*El rincón de las Manualidades de Siry*: Horquilla

*El rincón de las Manualidades de Siry*: Horquilla

Tribal Open-Stitch Sweater- finally, a really interesting knitwear!

Tribal Open-Stitch Sweater

Simple Drawn Thread Embroidery Design worked with Coral Knots

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Il Piacere del ricamo: agosto 2013

▶ Вязание на вилке урок 4 - Hairpin Crochet lesson 4 - YouTube

Hairpin Lace Crochet Tutorial 38 The Puff Stitch Beaded Strip Hairpin crochet tutorials, lots of patterns for hairpin lace crochet, how to crochet hairpin lace with beads, puff stitch hairpin lace crochet pattern. This hairpin crochet video tutorial demonstrates how to make a wonderful double sided hairpin lace strip working puff stitches and joining a bead before each puff stitch.

Hairpin Lace Crochet Spring Pattern Tutorial 37 Hairpin Crochet Flowers and Leaves Hairpin lace crochet, hairpin patterns, double strand crochet on hairpin loom, crochet flowers and leaves on hairpin loom. This beautiful spring crochet strip pattern was made with 2 different color strands of yarn holding together: one is for crocheting flowers and another is for leaves.

Hairpin Lace Strip With Curls On Cord Tutorial 15 Easy to Make Hairpin Crochet Pattern In this tutorial you will see instruction of how to work an easy to make hairpin lace crochet pattern. Making this hairpin lace strip we work single crochet stitches and chain stitches. As a result we have little curls made of chain stitches on the cord that runs in the middle of the strip. Looks nice on the other kind of yarn as well. Thanks for watching!

Turkish hairpin lace crochet. Bello, senza schema: solo rubare con gli occhi!

Winter Ruffles Scarf by Cordula Mannherz

Ravelry: Winter Ruffles pattern by Cordula Mannherz

Pattern "shamrock" spokes. Charted pattern or can be translated from Russian.

Hairpin Lace Joinings and Edgings

A Comparison of Basic Directions Over a Span of 109 Years

Hairpin Lace Crochet: Joining Strips with a Cable Join