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Presenting our "Pratha" range of embroidered Indian cushion covers. This cushion covers is fully machine washable and depicts beautiful floral designs in many exquisite colors. Buy 5 of more of these gorgeous cushion covers and get a 10% discount!

Addition of #Kashmir #cushions to your home interiors can enhance its appeal while also serving various other purposes.

It’s time for another new beginning with new hopes, strength and courage. Essentially Indian wishes you a wonderful year ahead…Happy New Year!

Made from 100% cotton, these cotton #cushion_covers depict scenes from an Indian court room. The Royal procession is depicted making its way through the streets to the palace.

Made from 100% cotton, these cotton #cushion_covers depict scenes from an Indian court room. From a Royal procession to dancing girls and flowers its all here. The bright floral print and border add a touch of color to the proceedings.

Handcrafted Kashmir cushions can add elegance to your rooms. They can be used with lots of furniture in rooms.

This beautiful handmade Indian cushion cover with a burgundy base is completely hand embroidered and therefore unique. The brightly coloured threads complement the fine embroidery. Little mirrors which are sewn in by hand in each cushion add a sparkling elegance to this design.

These beautiful #Indian_cushions with mirrorwork are part of our Barmeri range. Barmer is a district in Rajasthan(India) famous for its embroidery and mirror work. These graceful #Indian_cushions come in three designs. All designs are unique, yet complementary

Designers covers with embroidery stitch for cushions can look enticing. These items can serve as accessories to spice up interiors easily.

Celebrate the coming of winter with our floral pattern Indian cushions. Made from durable Rayon, these bright cushions feature beautiful floral embroidery

Presenting our gorgeous range of hand embroidered #Kashmir_cushions.This luxurious cushion features a cotton base with a beautiful floral design. The entire front of the cushion is embroidered with a gorgeous medley of colours.

Nothing can add charm, warmth and elegance to homes more than Kashmir cushions. They are available in several colours, patterns and designs, and is also light on your wallet. Mansoor cushions and Handmade Chain Stitched varieties can serve as ideal decorative pieces.

We present our beautiful embroidered cushion covers with an Indian twist. These cushions feature fine gold and silver thread embroidery on a white cotton base with high quality Indian cotton base Central floral pattern and an exquisite leaf border.

Travel down the silk route with our pure silk Indian embroidered cushions. Made from pure silk, each cushion features four beautifully embroidered flowers in the centre surrounded by delicate lacework.Available in four exquisite colours.

Beautiful floral pattern Indian cushion covers. Available in four colours, each cushion has a satin backing with a beautifully modern floral pattern in the front. Four bold colours available.

Introducing our floral pattern "tropican" Indian cushion covers. Available in bright and stunning floral patterns, these covers will enhance any living space.

Introducing our floral pattern "tropicana" Indian cushion covers. Available in bright and stunning floral patterns to enhance your living space. Dive in to explore more about these bright colored cushions...........

Completely hand stitched patchwork cushion with stunning beaded detail and intricate embroidery. Visit to get more details about these beautiful cushion covers...

Presenting our gorgeous Indian Ari Zari range of embroidered wall hangings.Visit this to explore more.

The look and feel of your home can be improved by decorating sofas, couches, divans and wicker chairs with vibrant red cushions. Beautiful floral patterns against materials like cotton, silk or velvet would add more dynamism to your home décor.

Choosing the right material for patchwork cushions is not a simple task. One has to make a selection from patterned materials and also consider dark, light or medium prints. Bright coloured fabrics also look great, especially headrests made from traditional saris having zari work.

The look and feel of a couch can improved by choosing the right type of cushions. One can opt for contrasting colours, knitted patterns and even pick out simple ones. If the couch is too lavish in look, then using understated pillows is the best option.