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Women in Social Media

Women lead the way with social media business smarts. MYOB's July Business Monitor survey of 1,400 SMEs has revealed that women are more likely to use social media for business than men (19% compared to 14%) and that women are more likely to engage with their customers or fans via a business page on Facebook, YouTube or Google+ (18% compared to 13%).

marketing tip

women empowered

ESSE knows that any given marketing message will impact a man differently than it may a woman; not surprisingly a recent survey revealed 91% of women feel advertisers don't understand them. ESSE, partnered with progressive female consumer research and on-going relations with the nation's highest ranked media, tailors your PR campaign to resonate with a woman's intellect, interests, and inclinations.

The role of public relations here is not merely one of broadcasting favorable images and impressions for your company; it’s far more ambitious than that. ESSE PR is about fashioning and projecting credible renditions of reality itself.

ESSE PR, San Francisco-based public relations firm, is a full-service public relations company offering industry leading PR / marketing strategies including media placements, social media management, publicity, and brand strategy. ESSE PR is a specialty PR firm with a female consumer focus, increasing brand awareness and credibility amongst affluent women.