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handsome red fox... I honestly thought this was a painting at first glance

hahahahaha this is so true! And i love that it says "when i lose my mom" not "when i get lost" ;) :D

oh my cute is this?!

The birth of one of the world's rarest creatures was celebrated this week at North Korea's Pyongyang People's Zoo. The Fennec Hare is on the brink of extinction with only a handful remaining in captivity. Movingly adorable - and does look like a bunny-cat!

Endangered Fennec Hare Born at Korea Zoo - ZooBorns

Migaloo, the only known all white humpback whale, was photographed by jenny dean (first, third photos) in the great barrier reef. though often described as albino, migaloo has brown eyes and is more likely leucistic or hypopigmented. / Migaloo travels past Sydney twice a year on it's annual migrations, and it's always a delight to spot him.

Dolphin with beautiful sunlight reflections underwater.

This is a hedgehog in a beanie. You're welcome. Carry on.

This is a hedgehog in a beanie. You're welcome. Carry on.

One in a million shot - One big happy family

Sloth selfie

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"This lion and bear were confiscated from a drug dealer, along with a tiger friend. They are such good buddies that they are being allowed to stay together at a sanctuary."

(via 500px / Beauty Parade by Ken Watkins)

(via 500px / European Badger by Pavel Blažek)

Mom... Mom... Mom... MOM... MOM!... MOM!!! Mother..Mom....... WHAT? . Hi.... Cheetah Mother and cub

This isn't my hat...