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Bruce the Olympic Flame: ASSstraken- beets Cabbage and Rosie O Donnell (...


BRUCE THE OLYMPIC FLAME: Worlds largest Enema in Russia Ep1 (+playlist)

BRUCE the Olympic flame

you can't make this up! Gay man makes a straight man JAPAN

VAGINA CAKES... cuz nothing says proud Mama like Glazed Lady bits

FAME WHORE EDTION: Chris Brown so Gay, Kanye Flies over, A Beiber Freak...

REAL album covers! What were they thinking?

What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People

IM sure this GOP douche bag needs a microscope to enter

estergoldberg: make a fabulous Hilarious Mothers Day Greeting for $5, on

guy forgot to hide his giant pink dildo during TV interview

ENTERTAINMENT/POLITICAL NEWS without The fluff & BS! IN this Episode: Kanye and Kim kreate a for profit fame whore larvae-Lindsay Lohan is drunk under a table in Brazil- The GOP Anti Gay Marriage Lunatics and Holland Taylor Rocks on Broadway! written & produced by Michael Airington for Matzoball Entertainment LLC All matzoball music License h...

my Sunday Gospel covers..honest to God REAL covers

YOKO ONO is designing jock straps and Mens bras

Sunday Morning Gospel album cover: HOMESICK FOR JESUS.. (as shot in the funeral parlor!)

Today' Show Guest, Says Her Toaster Is Possessed By The Devil

Abercrombie & Fitch CEO's Corporate Jet Rulebook Reveals GAY Cult-Like Secret World of Michael Jeffries