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cable join for hairpin lace

Joining Strips with a Cable Join

Joining Granny Circles With Crochet

Joining methods


Pop-Hop Freeform Sleeves: Joining Motifs - Inside Interweave Crochet - Blogs - Crochet Me

Pop-Hop Sleeves: Joining Motifs



From Knot Your Nanas Crochet: Ten Different Ways To Join Granny Squares.

Picture #Tutorial on connecting elements of #Irish_Crochet.

爱尔兰花边教程:“网针” - maomao的日志 - 网易博客

Joining Motifs with an open web design- {Inside Interweave Crochet - Blogs - Crochet Me}

Pop-Hop Sleeves: Joining Motifs

Good pic tutorial on "Joining Motifs"!

Pop-Hop Sleeves: Joining Motifs

Cherry Heart: Lacy Blanket Join

Cherry Heart: Lacy Blanket Join

Several joining methods discussed...and when to use them. {Renate Kirkpatrick}


JOINING FABRIC SQUARES WITH CROCHET: Cut fleece squares, poke little holes around each square with a Skip Stitch rotary blade (from here: ), and then do a simple 2 double crochet (think granny square) all the way around. Then do a border. The granny square joining method was used { use two doubles instead of 3:

Flat Braid Square Joining Method

Flat Braid Square Joining Method

A wonderful guide to creative joining techniques

The Russian Join Technique / Crochet

How To Attach Yarn Using the Russian Join

Love this joining technique for flower motifs {My world of crochet: Tadaaah! Tagesdecke Nr. 6}

My world of crochet: Tadaaah! Tagesdecke Nr. 6

Piecing together motifs

Picasa Web Albums - agulhasfashion2 - ЖМ 533

Various joining techniques

Piecing together crochet motifs for a that's how its done.

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